In the aviation industry, there are various sectors of usage for ICT, such as Resource optimization, Security, Various agencies coordination through technology, code-sharing operations, crew roster management, revenue management, network planning, and planning. Travelers demand faster check-ins and a high level of flexibility and control overseeing their travel arrangements. The solution for this is provided by building self-service kiosks at different points in the airport. Airlines also partners with Airport operators to offer ease, flexibility & real-time information to passengers.

The use of advanced video analytics has played an essential role in providing adequate security solutions, autonomously detecting, and containing threats to assist the security officers, all through providing enhanced situational understanding.

Advanced video analytics has been successfully implemented in airports to address critical safety and security needs. Security solutions are targeting the proactive use of the surveillance network and increasing the situational awareness of security officers. Security solution also offers fully automated and contain threats while alerting authorities.

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