The addition of mission-critical information and communication technologies (ICT) to roads offers much potential to address technological challenges on roadways. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is an essential requirement in today’s integrated transportation requirements. A lot of the national and regional highway agencies are adopting ITS to provide support for a wide array of applications and services, making traveling a lot safer and efficient. Advanced communications networks interconnect roadside equipment (i.e., tolling, video protection, emergency communications, and digital signage systems) are at the heart of these applications.

The ITS network provides real-time monitoring and control capabilities to achieve the following:

  • Reduced Travel Time
  • The pollution level monitoring
  • Efficient operations.
  • Real-time information sharing with drivers, passengers, and the vehicles
  • Update the current traffic conditions, potential construction delays, alternative routes, weather conditions, etc. Enhance worker’s & driver safety using CCTV cameras

A vast spectrum of applications enables through dedicated communications networks such as recognition of the license plates, weather condition display, traffic monitoring systems, and much more.